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Creative Online Summer Camp

Affordable, content rich, creative, fun camps to boost kids' brain.

Let's take care of your kids in interactive, attractive camps that will lead kids out of boredom and sleepiness!

Summer Camp 2021


This summer camp combines a variety of subjects. Every day, every week, kids will be fully involved in the environment of learning languages, math, coding, science, and arts. Our activities are interactive and prioritize student participation.

Children learn english online at home. H
Little boy scientist in the laboratory.
the word coding wit wooden letters on a

Curious Camp

Grade 1-2

Students in grade 1-2 are curious towards fresh new things. We do some activities and games to enhance their aged level English, math, and introduce Mandarin and Scratch with fun activities and games. Some interesting science lab and arts will also be done during camp.

Have fun and learn more!

Discovery Camp

Grade 3-4

Students in grade 3-4 have some basic knowledge of English, math and science. Advanced content and brain booster exercises will be introduced to them. Mandarin and Scratch will also be taught during camp. Interactive activities include some arts making throughout the days.

Challenge Camp

Grade 5-6

Students from grade 5-6 are more knowledgable and they like to be challenged. Extended knowledge of English, math and science will be introduced to them. They will also learn Mandarin, Scratch with interesting exercises and games.

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