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Summer Camp 2021


This summer camp combines a variety of subjects, combined with interesting activities or games, so that children can learn language, mathematics, science and art and other related knowledge and skills in a happy way.

Teachers will focus on interacting with children, in order to increase their participation and interest.

Children learn english online at home. H
Little boy scientist in the laboratory.
the word coding wit wooden letters on a

Curious Camp

Grade 1-2

Students in grades 1-2 are curious about new things. We do some activities and games to improve their English and mathematics level, and arouse their interest in Chinese through vivid explanations. There will also be some interesting science or art activities for the children.

Discovery Camp

Grade 3-4

Students in grades 3-4 already have some basic knowledge of English, mathematics and science. This camp will further deepen the knowledge learned in interesting activities, games, and experiments, and develop their potential. Chinese will also be taught during the summer camp. Through imaginative explanations, they will increase their understanding of Chinese.

Challenge Camp

Grade 5-6

Students in grades 5-6 have mastered more knowledge of mathematics, English, and science, and they like to accept challenges. Teachers will guide them to deepen and expand relevant knowledge, guide them to solve more challenging problems, and encourage them to ask questions and express their opinions. Chinese will also be an important subject for them to try to understand and learn more


We not only provide summer camps, but also provide online and face-to-face tutoring courses for children aged 3-18. Course content includes mathematics, programming, English, Chinese, French, science, etc. Due to Covid-19, we currently only offer online courses.

Education Books Bookshelves
Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboard
Math Notebook and Calculator


Exceed Your Expectations

Our Language Courses include Mandarin, French, and English. Learning more languages is an excellent way for you to build upon existing academic foundations and strengthen work-related skills in future.  With flexible schedules, it is easy to find a language course that suits your needs. Click to book a course now!


Preparing You for Success

We have experienced, great teachers and tutors who can help students with all of their subjects in elementary, high school, college, and University. Don't wait, when you meet problems during learning, contact us, we will help you to solve the problems. Contact us to choose a suitable teacher or tutor for you!


Reach Higher

Coding is very important in our daily life now. However, when students learn it at school, the content may not be up to their standards. Is it too hard? Too easy? The answer to this problem is us! We have many elites from the IT trade. Your child will greatly improve in programming and develop many other IT skills under their instruction. Click to consult now!

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